Course Sections and Objectives

Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT) is a certification course that will teach participants how to set up and operate a simple bookkeeping system for a construction company. Specifically the course will teach both simple and complex bookkeeping systems as either a bookkeeper or under a bookkeeper in one part of the system.

Whether you aspire to be an accounts payable clerk or a full charge bookkeeper, you will understand how to perform your job by learning about the whole system of bookkeeping.

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General Ledger

How the general ledger functions as a depository for all transactions including accounts receivable and payable
How to set up a chart of accounts and how these accounts find their way to the financial statements of a company

  • Debits and Credits
  • General ledger entries
  • Equipment and inventory
  • Bank reconciliations

Job Cost

Explains what makes construction bookkeeping different than any other type of bookkeeping

  • Cost Codes
  • Types of expenses
  • Labor burden
  • Individual job costs


  • Purchase orders
  • Government forms (W-9)
  • Certificates of insurance for subcontractors
  • Coding of invoices to the general ledger
  • Job cost ledgers
  • How to handle retention
  • How to pay an invoice or contract billing


  • Learn what records are required by the Internal Revenue Service for each employee
  • Learn what records are required by the Department of Homeland Security for each employee
  • Types of payroll periods
  • Management of employee files
  • The process of preparing and calculating time worked
  • Gross payroll
  • Payroll taxes
  • Tax deposits
  • Quarterly and annual payroll reports


  • AIA contracts and billings
  • Open invoices
  • Treatment of retention
  • How to receive and record customer payments and NSF checks
  • Aged Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Security issues in regard to accessibility to the company‚Äôs money


Helpful hints for organizing your bookkeeping for a company

NEF Examination Program Bulletin – online testing details

CBT is recognized as a quality education program by American Council for Construction Education