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NEF EDU Design Drafting

The Design Drafting Competition is a contest designed for Senior High School and College level students. The contest provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving and craftsmanship in preparing architectural drawings.

Entries are evaluated for detail, accuracy and originality of work. Objectives of the contest are to introduce the student to the construction industry in a positive and challenging manner, while fostering a sense of self-worth and building confidence.

Mentoring programs between students and educators are also encouraged. Each local sponsor is furnished with a “Design Problem” that is designed by a licensed Architect or Engineer and is generic enough to meet the needs of all areas of the US and our international affiliates.

Project drawings must include a minimum of:

  • a floor plan
  • exterior elevation
  • site plan and placement of structure

National winners receive prizes.

2021-2022 Design Drafting Competition


Procore logo

Hello NAWIC Regional Chairs, NAWIC Chapter Sponsors, Instructors, Individual Sponsors, and Students,

This year, NEF is excited to announce our partnership with project management software company, Procore. This is an excellent opportunity for students to learn some real industry applications while participating in this year’s competition.  Through the site, you will be able to find the Design Drafting documents. In addition, regional Chairs and Individual Sponsors will be submitting final designs via the bidding tool.

To participate, please fill out the form on the NEF Design Drafting web page or follow this link: Allow 24-48 hours for a Procore link to be sent to you via email. Once you get that email, you will be granted access to the 2021-2022 Design Drafting project. You may also allow your students to sign up for direct access to the site. Your and your student’s information will not be shared or viewed with anyone outside of NEF Design Drafting Administrators.

You may be asking what else NEF will be using the Procore site throughout the competition? Besides access to the competition documents, you and your students may use the Request for Information (RFI) tool to ask questions and see other RFI’s submitted. The NEF Design Drafting Administration may also notify all users via email about upcoming deadlines and any changes to the program.

INSTRUCTORS AND INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS: It is strongly suggested that you and your students explore the Procore software by taking the following online course: Please feel free to look at the other offerings from Procore. They are all free, and each successful participant will be eligible to download the certificate and link to their LinkedIn page. The Procore certifications are highly sought after in the industry, and they are all FREE! If you have difficulties, you may contact or chat with Procore staff technicians on using the tools within the software.

We hope you and your students will find this new partnership exciting and fun!

Design Drafting FAQ’s

Design Drafting Title Block – what year is used?2020-01-07T10:52:54-05:00
Federal College Codes2019-12-13T13:09:50-05:00
Federal High School Codes2019-12-13T13:07:28-05:00
Does the program need to be endorsed by the student’s school in order to enter?2019-09-30T12:49:13-04:00

The Design Drafting competition is currently distributed to high schools and colleges across the United States.  If the student is submitting work outside of the classroom assignment, the student may wish to engage a teacher or professor in their design responses.  Any competition package not following the guidelines or rules will be disqualified.

Can “teams” of students submit one entry?2019-09-30T12:45:45-04:00

Any competition package not following the guidelines and rules will be disqualified.  Individual entries only.

NEF Design Drafting Competition2019-09-25T16:00:14-04:00

Creative design, problem solving and architectural skills for high school and college students.

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