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Create*Design*Build Summary

The Create*Design*Build, formerly Accessory Structure Project, is NEF’s newest program and next generation to the NEF Shed Project. This program is a cross-curriculum team project that promotes awareness of the construction industry. It was written by and has been pilot tested by teachers with positive results.

Following are some items of interest about the program:

  • Designed for grades 6-10.
  • Engages the student in a construction oriented project and provides additional opportunities to improve and reinforce math and English skills.
  • Promotes leadership and teamwork while giving a taste of construction trades including engineering, design and architecture.
  • Teaches budgeting and time management skills while also teaching and improving research skills.
  • Meets California Standards and can be mapped to meet other state’s requirements.

More information regarding the project:

  • Teachers will need to provide supplies for the entire program including (card stock paper, straight pins, utility knife, glue stick, ruler).
  • The project duration is 10-12 classroom hours.
  • Teams typically consist of 3 students working together on the project where they create their company identity, design their logo for business cards and stationery, write proposals and letters to customers, and design then build a mock up of the project they contracted to complete.
  • The project is targeted for general study and technical schools as well as home school or virtual classroom settings. This also has possibilities for youth programs in general including Scouting programs and badges.
  • The program is available for FREE!! This is an opportunity for NAWIC chapters or members to sponsor this program for the workforce of tomorrow. Seriously consider supporting a local teacher or school in making this program a reality for high school students in your community.