Strategic Plan 2016-2017

Core Purpose

NEF provides educational opportunities and programs to benefit and promote the construction industry.

“Educating the construction industry today…….and tomorrow”

Core Values

The Board adopts these Core Values as aspirational yet integral to fulfilling the Core Purpose.


Delivering innovative education programs exceeding the expectations of the construction community.


Investing in the growth of the construction industry through education.


Setting the standard without compromise.


This Strategic Plan is an envisioned future of this organization out three to five years. Three goals are listed, including some strategies to assist in achieving these goals.

Goal 1: NEF will expand outreach for Block Kids partnerships with two to three associations / trade groups per year for the next three years

AMEC 2019

  • Identify and gauge interest of two associations for participation
    • Gather and format snapshots, etc., from Block Kids events
    • Combine with an interest survey to canvass targeted associations
    • Establish pilot Block Kids partnering relationships
AMEC 2017
  • Identify costs for the expansion and explore funding options
  • Pilot test Block Kids events with select association chapters
  • Roll out to additional Block Kids events
AMEC 2017
2017-2018 Season
2018-2019 Season

Goal 2: NEF will develop a program assessment process

AMEC 2021

  • Draft an assessment plan for ACCE Recognition
  • Develop a SLO matrix for two Adult Education programs
  • Complete a SLO matrix and establish an assessment cycle for all Adult Education programs
Mid-Year 2018
Mid-Year 2019
AMEC 2021

Goal 3: NEF will overhaul the CCA to become several stackable certificate programs

AMEC 2021

  • Survey ten existing undergraduate- and masters-level construction programs to determine common topics and gaps
  • Determine the number, format and outlines of the certificate programs
  • Develop and evaluate course content for one certificate program
  • Develop the course content for the remaining certificate programs
AMEC 2018
AMEC 2019
AMEC 2020
AMEC 2021