Block Kids winners

First Place

Estaban Amaya, 4th grade
Southeast Region
Orlando, FL NAWIC Chapter

He built an excavator, with good attention to detail. He wants to be an architect when he grows up!

Excavator built with legos.

Second Place

Phleasha Davis, 5th grade
Northeast Region
Greater New York NAWIC Chapter

Elevator that saves money, gas, and electricity by using hydroelectric power for efficiency. Shows interest in sustainability and availability of resources.

Elevator built with purple logos, paper, and foil.

Third Place

Mateo Verbyla, 1st grade
Pacific Southwest Region
San Diego NAWIC Chapter

His crane was very well thought out. It showed the crane was in action by showing a section that had been knocked down by a wrecking “ball”. He used his foil to add to the strength of the string.

Crane built with legos, foil, and string.

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