GRADES 8 – 12

A Construction Project For Student Groups

Create Design Build! is designed for grades 8-12. The program engages students in a construction oriented project. Students are exposed to construction trades including engineering, design, and architecture. In addition, the program improves and reinforces skills including math, English, leadership, teamwork budgeting, time management, and research.

Key Requirements

  1. Teachers will need to provide supplies for the entire program including
    • card stock
    • paper
    • straight pins
    • utility knife
    • glue stick
    • ruler
  2. The project duration is 10-12 classroom hours.
  3. Teams typically consist of 3 students
  4. Students work together to complete:
    • Create a company identity
    • Design a company logo for business cards and stationery
    • Write a project proposals and letters to customers
      • Create design documents for the proposal
      • Build a mockup for the proposal
Rules and Guidelines
Student Handout