Construction Industry Technician

This is a introductory overview of the construction industry and its processes. Lessons to be covered include such subjects as types of construction, forms of business ownership, contractual arrangements, contract documents, and the construction process.

CIT Course Textbook
CIT Course Companion

Who would benefit from this course?

All NEF construction professional development certificates were created for all employed within or wishing to be employed in a construction industry role without prejudice to gender, race, or ethnic background. Some professionals that could benefit from this program include the following.

  • Superintendents, foremen, and skilled trade workers looking to move into a management or supervisory positions
  • Office staff and administration that need or are looking for a more comprehensive view of the construction industry
  • Supportive industries with little or no construction background such as, insurance, lawyers, accountants, and others
  • College and high school students in construction and design academic programs (this could serve as a stackable credential to any of these programs)

CIT Course Companion

New to the NEF construction education programs is the CIT Course Companion. This is a self-guided study guide to help individuals to prepare for the CIT test. Each chapter of the CIT has been developed into the following useful information.

  • Chapter Review – This resembles a class lecture. It is a PowerPoint with an instructor-led look. Not only will you be able to see the PowerPoint, but an instructor will verbally guide you through the chapter content.
  • Answers to the Chapter Review Questions – These are the answers to every end of chapter question.
  • Quiz – Take a quiz that resembles the type of questions you will encounter on the test.
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Complete CIT Kit

  • Hardcover and Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam

Hardcover Book

  • Hardcover Book
  • CBT Certification Exam

Online eBook

  • Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam


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  • CBT Certification Exam Retest
Julie Bennett

I took the CDS, CIT, and CBT courses to help me learn more about construction beyond my employing sub-trade. The benefits were incredible. My employer received an immediate return on investment when I was able to create a basic schedule for a project we were bidding, based solely on what I learned from a NEF course. Many years later, the textbooks are some of the most valuable resources in my library. Can’t beat the cost of these courses. A must-take if you want to learn what other trades are doing and to understand construction terminology. Know the processes from project financing to finish. Self-pace or join a group study. NEF courses are a wonderful way to get ACCE credentialed training without enrolling in a semester-long college class and paying more. Thanks, NEF!

Julie Bennett, CDS, CBT, CIT

Certification Testing

Exam Type Closed Book
Passing Score 75
Number of Questions 100
Time Allowed (hours) 1.5