National Building Competition For Children

The Block Kids Building Program is a national building competition for children in Kindergarten through 6th grade and introduces them to construction careers. Participation in the Block Kids program may be sponsored by a NAWIC chapter or individual sponsor.

Participants are asked to create something construction related without adult help or guidance using approved materials.

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Approved Materials

  1. Building Blocks
    • The building blocks used shall be interlocking types of the “Micro” size
    • The number of posts on each block must be one of the following 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 posts.
    • No “Duplo” size blocks
    • Projects using special blocks will be disqualified including lighted blocks, special cut, windows, doors, wheels, people, or animals.
  2. A minimum of 75 blocks is required with a maximum of 100 blocks.
  3. Each participant may also use up to three of the items listed below when provided by the sponsor.
    • Small rock/stone not more than two (2) inches in diameter
    • String not longer than twelve (12) inches in length
    • Foil not larger than 18 inches x 18 inches*
    • Construction Paper – not larger than 18 inches x 18 inches*
      *Each of these items may be broken or torn into smaller pieces, provided the child does so without outside assistance. The use of scissors or knives are prohibited
  4. All participants are given 40 – 60 minutes to complete the project.
  5. A qualified project is one that is construction-related. Each student will meet with a judge or judges who will rate the project and ask the student a series of questions.
Rules and Guidelines
Chapter Submission Template (.ppt)
Block Kids Award Certificate
Block Kids Award Certificate (Word)

Important Dates

  • February 15 – Chapter Sponsors must submit all entries to regional chair.

  • March 15 – Regional Chairpersons must submit all entries to the National Chairperson.

  • At NAWIC Annual Conference – National Chairperson announces winners.

  • Contact: nawicedu@gmail.com

Competition Structure

  • Local winners advance to Regional Competitions

  • One semi-finalist from each region is entered in the National Program competitions

  • National prizes are awarded to the top three projects

Block Kids National Building Competition Winners

1st Place
Estaban Amaya, 4th grade
Southeast Region
Orlando, FL Chapter

2nd Place
Phleasha Davis, 5th grade
Northeast Region
Greater New York Chapter

3rd Place
Mateo Verbyla, 1st grade
Pacific Southwest Region
San Diego Chapter

1st Place
Max Minge, 2nd grade
Midwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Central Missouri Chapter #341

2nd Place
Raymond King, 3rd grade
Pacific Southwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Salt Lake City, UT Chapter #90

3rd Place
Jay Delaney, 3rd grade
South Atlantic Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Greenville, SC Chapter #104

1st Place
Nathan Fleming, 1st Grade
“Bulldozer Named Sonic”
Pacific Southwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Hawaii Chapter #114

2nd Place
Kody Goeas, 5th Grade
“Dam with Three Water Filters”
Pacific Northwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Alaska #197

1st Place
Andrew Hippler, 5th Grade
“Oil Rig”
NAWIC Pacific Northwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Alaska #197

2nd Place
Chloe Brown, 5th Grade
“Community Bakery”
NAWIC Southeast Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Altanta, GA #49

3rd Place
Carissa Hopkins, 5th Grade
“Power Station with Solar Panels”
NAWIC South Atlantic Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Charlotte, NC #121

1st Place
Noah Weston, 4th Grade
“Flying Solar Powered Aircraft”
NAWIC’s Northeast Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Wilmington, DE #96

2nd Place
Benjamin Kramer, 5th Grade
“Spiral Magnetic Generator with a Battery and a Cable Going to a House/Charging Station’”
NAWIC South Atlantic Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Asheville, NC #154

3rd Place
Phoenix Chin, 5th Grade
“Art Coliseum / Gallery to House Art Projects by both adults and children’”
NAWIC South Central Region
Sponsoring Chapter: San Antonio, TX #11

1st Place
Isaac Dei, 5th grade
“Pulley that smashes rock and uses a conveyor to collect crushed rock”
NAWIC’s South Central Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Oklahoma City #383

2nd Place
Ronan Joyce, 4th grade
“Working drawbridge to ‘get across the river’”
NAWIC’s North Central Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Cincinnati #64

3rd Place
Jalen Bernard, 1st grade
“Watchtower ‘to warn pilots of the low bridge ahead’”
NAWIC’s Northeast Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Capital District #261

1st Place
Adam Klassen, 6th grade
“Giant Artificial Stomach Power Plant”
NAWIC Midwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: St Joseph #162

2nd Place
Zaden Renfro, 5th grade
“Hydro-Electric Powered Zipline”
NAWIC South Central Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Tulsa #76

3rd Place
Drew Smalling, 5th grade
“Road Paver / Repair Vehicle on Tracks”
NAWIC Northeast Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Wilmington #96

1st Place
Gavin Fritts, 3rd Grade
“Solar Power Ski Lift”
Midwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Greater Kansas City #100

2nd Place
Zach Peterson, 3rd Grade
“Project Battle Ship”
Pacific Southwest Region
Sponsoring Chapter: Pikes Peak #56

3rd Place
Charlie Foster, 3rd Grade
“Seismic Detector”
Pacific Northwest
Sponsoring Chapter: Portland #54

1st Place
Andrew Gusso, Grade 2
“Car Bridge”
Region 13
Sponsoring Chapter: Greater Sioux Falls #237

2nd Place
George Nations, Grade 5
“Off-shore Drilling Rig”
Region 7
Sponsoring Chapter: Houston #3

3rd Place
Ethan Lau, Grade 2
“Trash Recycle/Electricity Generation Plant”
Region 6
Sponsoring Chapter: Greater Wichita #120

Blocks BW

The History Of Block Kids

Erma Lamousin, member of the Gr. Mississippi Gulf Coast NAWIC Chapter, initiated the first contest held in Biloxi.

Erma shared the idea with president-elect Carol Ericson of the Connecticut/New York Line chapter who enlisted Susan Levy, past NAWIC president, to write guidelines. Carol then recruited NAWIC President Judy Short of the Cincinnati Ohio chapter to assist the contest kickoff with a special presentation at the 1989 NAWIC Convention in Seattle, WA.

Erma’s granddaughter, Natalie Smith, designed the NAWIC Block Kids who were then named in a special contest “Connie Struction” and “Bill Ditt”.