Construction Bookkeeping Technician

This certification course will show how to create a bookkeeping / accounting system for a small or large construction company and include the following topics:

CBT Course Textbook
  • General Ledgers – Debits and Credits, general ledger entries, equipment, and inventory, and bank reconciliations
  • Payables – Purchase orders, government forms (W-9), certificates of insurance for subcontractors, coding of invoices to the general ledger, job cost ledgers, how to manage invoice retention, and how to pay an invoice or contract invoicing
  • Receivables – AIA contracts and billings, open invoices, how to receive and record customer payments and NSF checks, aged Accounts Receivable Reports, and security issues in regard to accessibility to the company’s money
  • Job Costs – Cost codes, types of expenses, labor burden, and individual job costs
  • Payroll – What records are required by the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Homeland Security for each employee, the types of payroll periods, the management of employee files, gross payroll, payroll taxes, tax deposits and quarterly and annual payroll reports
  • Organizing the bookkeeping/accounting system

Complete CBT Kit

  • Hardcover and Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam

Hardcover Book

  • Hardcover Book
  • CBT Certification Exam

Online eBook

  • Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam


  • Book Not Included
  • CBT Certification Exam Retest
Becky Harris

I have the CBT and am thankful every day! It gave me the basic accounting knowledge to help me in my everyday tasks as an accounts payable clerk with a large A/E firm.

Becky Harris, CBT

Certification Testing

Exam Type Closed
Book Passing Score 75
Number of Questions 100
Time Allowed (hours) 1.5