NEF Executive Committee Officers

Jill Hanson, CBT, CIT, CDT, ESP, CIS
Jill Hanson, CBT, CIT, CDT, ESP, CISPresident
Debra Lesar, CIT, CBT
Debra Lesar, CIT, CBTVice President
Tracey Hart, CIT
Tracey Hart, CITSecretary
Robin Fulton-Meyer, CBT, CIT, CDS, ESP
Robin Fulton-Meyer, CBT, CIT, CDS, ESPTreasurer
Laura Herron
Laura HerronPresident-Elect
Wendy Jarred, CBT, CCA, CDS, CIT, EIT, LEED AP BD+CImmediate Past President
Tamara Crooks, JD, CIT
Tamara Crooks, JD, CITExecutive Committee Member
Melanie Myers
Melanie Myers Educational Program Coordinator


NEF Board of Trustees Directory

Responsibility of a Trustee

NEF Trustee Responsibilities

The Trustee’s Role – It may be more than you think.

Most Trustees agree to serve because they truly believe in and support the programs of NEF. However, the role of Trustee carries with it certain obligations and legal responsibilities.

The dictionary defines Trustee as “a person appointed to administer the affairs of a company, institution, etc.” or “a person who holds title to property for the benefit of another”. In other words, you are in a position of “trust” in the organization and affairs of NEF. Trustees are also “fiduciaries” in that they have the ultimate legal responsibility for the operation and administration of the Foundation.

In general, there are various state and federal laws and regulations that require Trustees to act in all matters with skill, care, prudence, loyalty and diligence. This is particularly true in all matters dealing with the finances of an organization.

Without question, the role of an effective Trustee requires diligence and attention to detail. Adequate preparation for Board meetings and an understanding of the organization’s assets and financial position are essential to making informed decisions.

An Action Plan for Trustees:

  • Read all materials submitted in preparation for meetings/conference calls
  • Ask questions if you do not understand the information
  • Educate yourself in the programs and services offered through NEF
  • Familiarize yourself with budget and financial statements
  • Read the bylaws and past meeting minutes for a greater understanding of the organization
  • Take personal advantage of the education opportunities offered through NEF so you can be an effective spokesperson for the programs
  • Work diligently within your area to encourage financial support of NEF and its programs
  • Share information on grants and special projects funding sources with NEF staff and Executive Committee
  • TERM OF OFFICE: NEF Trustees are elected to a term of two (2) years. The Nominating Committee presents a slate of Trustee and officer candidates at the Mid-Year Board of Trustees meeting. The new Trustee‘s term commences at the close of the NAWIC Annual Meeting/Convention following the election.Specific Duties:
    • To act as liaison between NAWIC, the public and NEF
    • To make informed decision that advance and promote the programs of NEF
    • To act in a fiduciary manner in all activities and decision of the Board of Trustees
    • To take such other action and responsibilities as may be assigned to the Trustee by NAWIC Education Foundation Board of Trustees to further the goals of NEF
    • To participate in mid-year, annual and called meetings of the Board of Trustees
    • Promote and encourage financial support of NEF at the local level

    The Board of Trustees shall:

    • Transact the business of and exercise general supervision over the affairs of NEF
    • Approve the budget and review financial statements
    • Investigate all grievances and complaints of irregularities as presented
    • Review and evaluate the progress and status of the Strategic Plan
    • Develop and promote activities to ensure a sound financial base for NEF
    • Consider new programs that enhance the goals and objectives of NEF
    • Review the recommendation of the NEF Executive Committee
    • Take all such other and further action as may be necessary for proper functioning of NEF, which are consistent with the Bylaws
  • Your tenure with the Board should be mutually beneficial to you and NEF. In accepting a position on the Board you are expected to make the follow commitments:1. AGENCY KNOWLEDGE
    • Understand the NEF philosophy, goals and core purpose
    • Become knowledgeable of NEF programs and services
    • Attend Board orientation, retreats and/or trainings


    • Attend all Board meetings and be prepared to make informed decisions
    • If unable to attend, please notify NEF so a quorum can be established
    • Board attendance is critical for positive reviews from grant agencies


    • Become a member of at least one NEF Committee
    • Regularly attend committee meetings, conference calls
    • Communicate via email or phone effectively to complete business


    • Make a personal financial contribution to NEF on an annual basis in order to demonstrate 100% participation of the board to grant agencies
    • Contributions may be made through special events, planned giving, annual pledge or other in-kind donations


    • Participate in all of the fund raising and special event activities either as a participant, volunteer or as a Board representative


    • Take every opportunity to advocate and/or collaborate for NEF programs through other corporate, civic and professional organizations

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