Estimating and Scheduling Practitioner

The first half of this course explores the various areas of construction estimating and bidding.

ESP Course Textbook

Students will learn general estimating and job overhead, accounting for allowances, alternates in the bid proposal, attributes, and skills of an estimator, and preparing estimates for some of the major trades such as

  • Site work
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Structural steel
  • Interior finishes
  • Mechanical construction
  • Electrical construction

The second half of the course includes a step-by-step approach to preparing project schedules utilizing the critical path method and precedence schedules. The importance of schedule adjustments is discussed to provide realistic and valid information for making decisions or plans to mitigate project issues and control project cost-accounting.

Who would benefit from this course?

All NEF construction professional development certificates were created for all employed within or wishing to be employed in a construction industry role without prejudice to gender, race, or ethnic background. Some professionals that could benefit from this program include the following.

  • Project managers, project engineers, and superintendents that need education in preparing and using construction estimates
  • Entry-level estimators that have little experience in properly preparing project costs
  • College students in construction and design academic programs (this could serve as a stackable credential to any of these programs)

Complete CBT Kit

  • Hardcover and Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam

Hardcover Book

  • Hardcover Book
  • CBT Certification Exam

Online eBook

  • Online eBook
  • CBT Certification Exam


  • Book Not Included
  • CBT Certification Exam Retest
Lydia Lane

Certifications… that little extra feather in your cap is never a bad thing to have especially when they are industry-specific and ACCE accredited.

For what I do now as a project manager, there is something in all of [the certifications] that is going to apply. They help you, to help your company, which then helps everybody.

Lydia Lane

Certification Testing

Exam Type Closed Book
Passing Score 75
Number of Questions 100
Time Allowed (hours) 1.5