NEF Online Testing

Starting August of 2019, NEF began offering online testing through Classmarker.

  • No more testing centers far, far away.

  • Take an exam from the comforts of your home or office.

  • All you need is Internet access and a laptop, desktop or tablet/device.

  • The Candidate Information Bulletin has detailed information and screen images to walk-through the testing process.


Steps to schedule an exam

  • Complete purchase of a course textbook and exam
  • Contact NEF via email with course name, preferred date and time

  • NEF will confirm candidate’s eligibility and schedule the exam

  • Each candidate will receive two emails to further confirm:
    1. Login information (this will be used for all NEF course exams)
    2. Direct link to exam (valid only on date and time previously requested

  • Exam must be completed within two (2) years from date of purchase


  • Q. What is considered a passing score?
    A. 75% or higher is a passing score for all NEF exams
  • Q. What happens if I don’t pass?

    A. After a 14 day waiting period, for those candidates who do not pass on a first attempt, a “re-test” must be purchased from NEF’s Webstore.

  • Q. What do I receive to show I passed?

    A. After completing and passing an exam, there is an option to print a certificate of completion.