To be successful on any NEF exam, you must read all of the course material. The test questions will come directly from the textbook and any additional provided materials. Some materials may mirror your workday, and others may not be familiar or differ greatly from your personal industry experiences. Please keep in mind that the NEF courses are based on standard industry theories and practices. The information is accurate to the best of our content experts’ knowledge and the standards and guidelines NEF upholds through our accreditation status with ACCE.

There are many ways to study. The following are suggestions that may help.

  • Available NEF Course Companions (will be released for all courses)
  • Take a NEF instructor-led course at an event or other offering
  • Ask NEF to conduct a study session for a group of 10 or more (there will be a monetary charge for this service)
  • Form a study group with others also preparing for the exam